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Updated on 22 March 2019
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Egotastic describes itself as being ‘the sexy side of celebrity gossip’ – the site’s main focus is to report on any adult-related activities that famous people have been getting up to. Everything from naughty photo shoots for magazines, leaked porn tapes for publicity or stolen cloud selfies for the lulz, Egotastic.com is the perfect place to find out the latest in the world of naughty celebrities.

The site updates on a daily basis with new posts about a whole host of things. Names that have appeared on the site include Kate Compton, Dakota Johnson, Mariam Bachir and other ladies that are worthy of note in the world of fame. Note that Egotastic really does prefer reporting on women, although there are a few male-related posts that might be of interest to you if you have an open mind.

Egotastic.com has a few different blog sections on the site, such as photos, videos, gaming and TV sections – whatever your taste when it comes to celebrity sex, this place will likely have it waiting.

ThePornDude likes Egotastic's

  • Multiple daily updates
  • Good quality content

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  • Adverts