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Updated on 22 March 2019
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Here’s the thing, there are sites where you can get free porn comics, and then there is Erofus.com where you can get THE BEST porn comics. Before I tell you the reason why Erofus.com gives me such a big hard-on, let me just tell you that I’m trying to be as objective as I can with this site, but it’s really hard to do this when these porn comics are just so damn amazing. If you ever thought that you found the best porn comic website before you stumbled upon Erofus.com then you’re probably mistaken. But hey, why the hell am I just talking vaguely, let me show you exactly why Erofus.com is so fucking amazing.

All your favorite porn comic studios are here

Alright, so you know all of those really famous porn comic studios such as Milftoons, Y3DF, Jab and so on? Yeah, you’ve got all of them on Erofus.com. And it’s not hard to find them either since all you have to do is check out the most liked and most viewed section once you’re on the homepage. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why these comic studios are the most famous ones, and you’ll have a thrill as you’re looking through all of the amazing comics which are offered in these sections. I’ll talk some more about the sorting mechanisms later, but right now I want to concentrate on the actual content on Erofus.com.

Nearly limitless supply of porn comics for all your needs

As far as the content is concerned, there’s pretty much every comic that you could ever need on Erofus.com. I don’t really know the exact number of comics that you’ve got on here, but I would imagine that the number of pages would be numbered in the tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands. There is new content being uploaded all the time on here, which definitely makes you wonder how much of this you can actually read before new content gets released. You don’t really have to check out any of the recent stuff, you can always look at the good old comics that never get old too.

Pretty much every niche is covered here

And when I say the ones that never get old, then I’m talking about the ones which fit in perfectly with your fucked-up tastes. Let’s face it, there are some things that regular porn just doesn’t dare show. How about incest porn? Yeah, Erofus.com has got PLENTY of that. Furry porn? You bet your ass this place has furry porn. Anyway, Erofus.com has it all if I am to be completely honest, and even though I personally don’t like furry porn and other crazy shit like that, I’m definitely going to allow all the degenerates to look at it since it’s completely free.

Read and even download all the comics for free

You heard me right. All the content on Erofus.com is absolutely free of charge, which is just amazing to think about when you see how massive this site is. And when you talk about free content, it’s inevitable that you wonder just how much of it is actually free, and how much you’re going to pay in terms of your patience with ads and so on. I’m going to touch on that later, but first I just want to let you know that everything is free on Erofus.com, even the download part. You can download every single picture from Erofus.com and keep it on your computer without any extra charges.

Alright, so what’s the catch? Are we going to have the most annoying pop-up ads ever? Surprisingly, not at all, in fact, you have some of the most bearable ads in the business. These are banner ads that just randomly show up when you’re browsing through all the content. They’re the same dimensions and positioned the same way as all the categories, so you might think that it’s a bit confusing, but you’ll immediately notice that ads always have real people in them, and they don’t have any text on them at the bottom as the actual categories do, so you’re safe in that regard as well.

Sort them according to how popular and like the comics are

Free content, bearable ads, is there anything that is not to love about Erofus.com? Hold on guys, I still haven’t told you about the sorting mechanisms. Remember the thing I told you about earlier when you can sort all the studios according to the most liked and most viewed ones? Yeah, well you can also do that for the comics within each and every one of the studios that you open up on Erofus.com. That’s absolutely amazing if you don’t want to scour through the recent comics as they’re sorted in that fashion by default.

The most liked and most viewed comics and studios seem to have a similar ranking, and that’s because it’s usually the most viewed comics that get all the likes. In that regard, it kinda sucks that these sorting mechanisms aren’t that different from each other, but you’re still able to get the best porn comics out of them, so that’s a big plus. Wherever you are on Erofus.com you can just hit then Liked sorting method and you’re immediately transported into a world of some of the most amazing porn comics that Erofus.com has to offer. And not just Erofus.com, but these comics are some of the best ones in the industry.

One of the simplest porn sites that exists on the internet

Erofus.com tries to keep things simple as well. With their gray background on top of one of the simplest layouts, it has only a few buttons that you can click. The sorting mechanisms, the simple text logo in the top left corner, and the studios themselves. When you’re reading a porn comic, you can go backward and forward by clicking the arrows below every page or just by clicking on the page which sends you one page forward. This means that you can expect one of the simplest forms of porn websites that you have ever seen, and this will definitely suit many people since you don’t have to fuck around with anything and instead you have a smooth user experience.

Lightning fast experience with short loading times

The smooth experience is augmented with the loading time speeds. You can expect some of the shortest loading times for comics on Erofus.com because of how little the site has to load. All you have to load is the actual page which is a picture, so the responsiveness on Erofus.com is pretty much instantaneous. You won’t have to wait for a long time for any page or comic to load up, and you’re basically guaranteed to have one of the best experiences when it comes to porn comic browsing. Other than that, you can expect that the loading speeds are the same in any other part of the sites as well, which means that this place is fat as fuck.

Tag section could be added

The only thing that I think could be added is a section where you can choose all the tags that you like. Right now, the only way to access a tag that you enjoy on Erofus.com is by finding a comic that has that tag within it. If you can’t find the tag that you enjoy on a comic, then you can’t filter all the comics on Erofus.com according to the category which you enjoy reading the most. Unfortunately, the simplicity of the site and its minimalism seem to have their drawbacks as well.

Nevertheless, Erofus.com is still one of the best porn comic experiences on the internet, and I can guarantee that you’ll have an amazing time on here when you’re browsing through all of your favorite porn comic studios. Even the degenerates that like some of the weirdest shit are going to be appeased on this site since it really does offer pretty much everything that you could ever want from a porn comic. You can read just about every category of porn comics on this website, and you can rest assured that if you like some really fucked up shit, that Erofus.com will have it for you for absolutely free.

ThePornDude likes Erofus's

  • All of the top porn comic studios are present on here
  • Every comic can be read and downloaded for free
  • Just about every niche and category is available

ThePornDude hates Erofus's

  • You can only access the tags via the comics themselves
  • The minimalistic design removes some needed features