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ThePornDude is the best porn list in the world! 🔥 💯

The Porn Dude
is the result of years of hard work and fapping my dick off. It’s a collection of free and premium sex sites that
contain the best porn videos of teens and adult movies of mature women in action. This is the only reliable page
you’ll ever need, if you’re looking for porn on your desktop or mobile! I don’t display annoying ads, I don’t fuck
around with bullshit, I just give it to you straight and that’s why people love me! I even get fanmail of girls
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Why did you make ThePornDude? ❓ 😎

I decided to create ThePornDude to provide you with the best porn sites that can be found on the internet today.
Just like many of us, I was browsing google one day looking for new fap material, but I wasn’t satisfied with the
results shown to me. There are literally millions of websites that offer adult content out there these days, but
only a few of them actually are worth visiting. Some have too many ads and pop-unders infested with viruses, while
others have shitty video streaming quality or non-fappable content. Since TBLOP lost interest in their project and
search engines are not trustworthy, I made it my mission to filter out all the garbage, since everybody’s time is

What kind of safe porn sites can I find on your list and how did you rank them? 👌⭐

Expect a combination of free and premium porn sites. I examined popular places like
PornHub, XVideos and xHamster and made categories based on the most searched content. Afterwards, I went for a
pornography hunt on google and only added the safest (HD) porn websites that were worthy of my time manually. The
ones that have potential, but haven’t earned their spot on the red carpet yet can be found in my « Hall
of Fame »
. Then came the hardest part by ranking all these adult sites by quality in each category. My number
1, may not be yours, since everybody has a different taste. By clicking on the magnifying glass next to each site
in every category, you can see a short review and get to know my opinion about each website. Also, I recommend
installing antivirus software and an adblocker, before visiting these places to remain virus-free. I want to make
sure you’re 100 % safe!

Can I do anything to show my gratitude? 🤝😍

Sure, here’s my bank account number… Just kidding! Go Tweet my porn list 🙌 and help me get popular and world famous! I’m sure that
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How do I contact you, if I have a question? 💌

Well, if you think that any awesome XXX sites are missing in my porn directory, I can be
reached by email, Skype, ICQ, Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger and QQ.
P.S. My phone number is also available, if you’re a sexy babe (18+), busty MILF or hot pornstar trying to contactme💬 😉 .