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Updated on 22 March 2019
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Looking for something else to do other than look at porn? I understand we all need a break from jacking off, especially if the wife is at home. Imgur is a site with the most viral images on the internet – generally not porn related but there are some seriously funny images here.

The homepage shows the most popular images which if you click on them, enlarge. I laughed my ass off so much when I started viewing them! If you continue to scroll down, even more thumbnails load until you come to the most popular images from yesterday. Not all of the photos are funnies, some are people showing off their pets.

you can sign up for a free account which lets you comment on and like/share images, and you can also upload your own viral images too. It’s quite a good way to waste some time and you’ll be guaranteed some laughs!

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  • Viral images
  • Free to use
  • Upload images

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  • Advertising