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Updated on 22 March 2019
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This one goes out to all you porn lovers out there who never know which site to go to when they want to watch some porn. Do you go to some of the PornHub websites? What about XHamster? Maybe XVideos? How about none of those… well initially at least. What if you could have all of those sites in one place and all their videos along with them. Welcome to Porndex.com where this is exactly the case. This place is a real heaven-sent porn site which allows you to watch pretty much any porn video from any place that you can think of, especially all the big boys in the porn game that you usually think of.

A simple porn search engine that you get used to instantly

First of all, let’s mention the nature of Porndex.com and how fucking simple it all is. You get onto Porndex.com and what’s the first thing that you notice? I don’t know about you, but for me, it’s the simplicity of it. It basically looks like Google. Well, like Google except for the fact that it only shows you porn as a result. You won’t be able to finish that science paper on here kiddo. No Wikipedia on here to save you. Only porn, plain and simple. No matter how much you look through this website, you’ll probably never reach the end of any porn that you start scrolling through.

Well, I take that back, there are certain places on Porndex.com which do have an apparent end. For one, there are some categories that don’t seem to have that many videos in them. For example, I really wanted to check out some cosplay videos, but all that was listed on Porndex.com was a single video and that was really disappointing especially since it said that there were more than a hundred videos in this category alone. However, this is an isolated case and usually, you’ll find that every category has more than enough porn material for you to watch and enjoy, especially some of the bigger categories.

All the big categories go big with numbers as well

You know the ones, we’re talking about Anal, Amateur, Lesbian and so on. These bad boys have a few million videos on their own, imagine how many videos there are in total if just these few categories have over a few million. that’s an insane number of porn videos, and it actually makes me think about the fact that there’s a sizeable portion of the female population that has at least once starred in a porn video or a sex tape. That’s pretty insane when you think about it, and I guess that it just goes to show that no matter how pure a chick is, anyone can be bought if you throw enough money at them.

Not me though, The Porn Dude will always be objective when it comes to reviewing porn sites for you, and that’s why I’ll have to call out Porndex.com on a few things, starting with the fact that they don’t have any pictures and porn galleries in their search results. They call themselves Porndex.com, like a porn INDEX, but all I see is a bunch of videos and nothing else. Alright, I have to admit, they’ve made a separate domain for images alone, but that still doesn’t alleviate them from all the other things that they’re missing.

Only videos on here, nothing else that you might expect

I mean when I think of a porn index, I think of everything that has to do with porn, including videos, pics, games, torrents, social media, strip clubs, escorts, everything. But nope, all you can hope for is videos on Porndex.com. And hey, I’m not saying that this is a bad thing. Specialization of a website can be an insanely important thing when it comes to functionality, but I’m just saying that there’s more that Porndex.com could do if they added the functionality to their website. But it’s not all black and white since they do have a few extra sections on here that make it easier for you to search through the videos.

Categories and Models to aid you in your search

There’s the Categories section as previously mentioned, but there are some other things that you can look through and look forward to on Porndex.com. How about the fact that you can look through models as well? There’s a special Models section which will allow you to scroll through all the chicks on Porndex.com which star in these amazing videos. I mean this is amazing in it of itself but add to that the fact that there are some chicks that only exclusively star for a certain website, and suddenly you have a lot more pornstars and models to choose from when making an informed choice on which porn video you’re going to watch next.

Every single video is available for absolutely free

How about the fact that all of this is free? I’ve been talking about Porndex.com for a few minutes now and I’m sure that you’re wondering how much you have to pay up for this service. Well, you’ll be very happy and pleased to hear that you actually don’t have to pay a single cent. You get to watch all of this content for absolutely free. Of course, you won’t really be able to watch any of these videos on Porndex.com itself, and that’s definitely something that you’ll probably find annoying, but hey, if all that you have to suffer through in order to get to some of this amazing content is a redirection, then more power to Porndex.com.

At least there are no annoying ads that you have to see. Well, at least on Porndex.com. there might be some ads on the site that you’re redirected to and that depends on the site itself. Porndex.com makes sure to include all sites, so that means all the smaller ones as well, and we all know how those smaller porn sites can usually be overbearing with all the fucking ads that they show. It’s like I’m watching the commercial break during Superbowl, it just lasts for fucking ever. I could go and grab a beer and drink it before the video starts. In fact, I could probably drink an entire canister during some of these long-ass ads, and by then my dick would be limp from my drunk-ass so why the hell would I even bother.

Every site is available, even the little guys as well

Alright, I have to admit that this is a very unlikely scenario, and you’re more likely to find a site with reasonable ads, so that’s something that you have to commend the Porndex.com search engine for doing. That, and I also think that the inclusion of all sites is beneficial since you get a wider choice and scope of all the porn videos. You even know which site the video is on when you’re looking through the thumbnails. You can even get added information on any video when you hover over it during the browsing process.

All that I could possibly ask from Porndex.com is that they could include a dark mode so that more people can use this site on their phones and save their battery life. I know that it doesn’t mean a lot for some people, but for some of us that take their porn on the go, it could be a lifesaver. So yeah, I guess that Porndex.com can definitely use a few tweaks to the design and coloring of the site, but it’s no big deal and it’s definitely not a deal-breaker when it comes to looking at other sites.

That’s only one reason that I won’t cheat on Porndex.com with other porn search engines, and there’s one more thing that makes Porndex.com stand out and it would be that they have a really quick response time Honestly, there are very few things wrong with it so I don’t know if I can think of too many reasons as to why you shouldn’t try this place out. I’m sure that you’ll find some amazing porn the moment you start browsing the website. Check Porndex.com out and see what you think!

ThePornDude likes Porndex's

  • Millions upon millions of videos that you can check out
  • It’s all free, including the sites that they redirect you to
  • Plenty of info on every video that you find on here

ThePornDude hates Porndex's

  • There are some categories which are virtually empty
  • You don’t have any of these videos hosted on the domain