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Porn Dude reviews the best porn sites of 2019

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Updated on 22 March 2019
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Sex, Porn, Incest, XXX and Erotic Stories Sites
1. Literotica

Literotica.com is the original Internet home of written smut, and it's still the best in the world. Read hundreds of thousands of free erotic stories or submit your own. Nearly anything goes! From consensual dorm-room blowjobs between attractive humans to werewolves titfucking reluctant teens, you really will find everything dirty and imaginable.

2. MCStories

MCstories.com is the only place that you need to consider if you’re looking to get down and dirty with mind control erotic stories. Not only are there thousands of stories on here to read with new ones popping up all the time, but all of the content on here is absolutely free. On top of all that, there are no ads to distract you from reading either, so check out MCstories.com today!

3. FictionMania

Those who love to have some solo fun by reading an erotic story about the lovely ladyboys, will surely appreciate the content shown on FictionMania.tv. This site is filled with thousands of great erotic stories of transgender hotties who love to get down and dirty. You can read all of the stories for free, and become a part of their community.

4. Indian Sex Stories

IndianSexStories.net is an Indian sex stories site where you can go and have a good read where the main protagonists are having sex and it is all described in vividity and precision. If you are a fan of literotica, the literary expression of sex, then by all means, give Indian Sex Stories a chance and see how Indian writers do it!

5. AdultFanFiction

Adult-FanFiction.org is a fantastic platform that brings together freaks with creative minds to showcase their writing talents. There are hundreds of adult stories covering multiple niches, including anime and manga. The site provides a perfect platform for authors to challenge and nurture each other’s skills. Adult Fan Fiction also has a community vibe about it, and the forums are filled with interactions. Any lover of written erotica will have plenty of fun.

6. StoriesOnline

Storiesonline.net is a uniquely tailored blog site entirely dedicated to stories especially of the sensual nature, erotica. There are thousands of authors showcasing their erotic writing talents on the site. Whether of the erotic or non-erotic nature however, stories, novels, and serials and ebooks are available for free. To top it up, the user interface is up to standard, and a daily updates schedule maintained on new stories and features. This should be your ultimate online fiction choice of galore!

7. xHamster Stories

Find the best X-rated written content on xHamster/stories where the site goes out of its way to supply their readership with the best written erotic stories to help them get off. It is all about fetish entertainment and with a list of categories to pick from, chances are this well-maintained hub has something for all tastes. The site features a simple yet interactive design, and users can locate XXX stories with ease. Offering the stories in different languages, xHamster/stories is an erotic lit heaven.

8. Lush Stories

Lushstories is an adult site entirely dedicated to adult stories. Most of these are text, but you’ll also find some audio stories too read by men and women alike. The erotic stories are nicely categorized into shit like exhibitionism, cuckold, college sex, fetish, and of course, a whole lot of cheating. With over 50,000 stories and a community of 400,000 members, Lushstories has taken over the online erotic writing market, and you’re sure to get off if you appreciate the literary fuck.


Chyoa.com is an interactive story website where you do not only get to read the erotic stories, you also get to choose how they will end. Each story has a couple of different routes, and you get to choose the route you like the most or you can write your own ending instead. If you plan to write yourself, make sure to create an account, since it is completely free.

10. The Kristen Archives

Porn is always good, but erotic literature can be even better. After all, while traditional multimedia porn makes you focus only on what you hear and see, literotica plays off of the theaters of the mind. One of the best and longest working indie authors in this genre I've found merely goes by the pen name Kristen and has maintained a massive archive on ASSTR's site since ‘97 called Kirsten's Archive. To find out more, click here for my full review of her site and her work.

11. XNXX Sex Stories

Some people prefer reading their porn to watching it. Erotic lit is one of the most commercially successful genres of literature in the world and is a tradition hundreds of years old. Thanks to the internet, though, amateur erotic lit writers (and readers alike) have places like sexstories.com to share their work with the world. Read my review of Sex Stories today to see if it is worth looking into!


Ever since the beginning of the net, people have been posting stories about there own perverted fantasies. To give those people a platform, tons of web designers have put together sites to showcase textual smut. Well, guess what – one site has stories uploaded which even pre-date the creation of the World Wide Web. To find out more, keep on reading to learn about a unique alternative sex story repository.

13. Nifty Stories

Nifty.org is an erotica site that serves as a free platform for GLBT stories and authors. This site has been around for nearly 30 years and has the readership to back it. You won’t find a better site for GLBT erotica. It’s completely supported by the community and is simply a great site to use. Don’t hesitate. Head over to Nifty.org and find a new favorite author.

14. BDSM Library

Those who love to watch kinky BDSM videos, read naughty torture stories, and explore the incredibly addictive porn images of BDSM lovemaking, will definitely enjoy what BDSMlibrary.com has to offer. This site is dedicated to everything BDSM, and you are able to explore everything for free. So, if you get hard thinking about BDSM, you should start exploring.