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Updated on 22 March 2019
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Blue. So much blue. All I see is blue, blue, blue! This is the thing when someone does a great job at using just colors and makes a brand out of a simple thing as this. Anytime you land on their layout will be etched in your subconscious that there’s no way that you will mistake it for anything else. In this review I will go over a place where people come together to discuss the latest news in porn, just casually chit-chat, troll each other, get into petty arguments about who is in the right and who is in the wrong. The Forum is the place where people can freely express themselves and feed their egos. The other 90% are here to discuss their sexuality, share experiences, post sex stories and spend free time discussing adult-oriented topics.

Like I said, the first thing that falls into focus is the color blue. They did an excellent job mixing the contrast in and making it look cool and not like it was a botched job. The is a part of the free tube porn site. It is divided into six sections. The General Discussion is pretty much self-explanatory. The most important thing to note is that the forum is active and at this time there were over a million posts. As you can expect, the topics are somehow always narrowed down to trashing Trump and the economy in America. There were other ridiculous discussions that are made for pass time argumentation such as “George Clooney fell off his Vespa.” It is a much-needed topic, one that takes away from all the seriousness from the everyday politics and it kind of makes sense that this mindless topic would be opened up on a porn site after all.

Pic and movie posts are where you can find posts of user’s pictures and videos, that are mostly links from Sex Stories are precisely what the name says, sex stories. They are submitted by the users once again, and they are a part of the Xnxx’s literotica. I must admit, the stories were pretty good considering that they were submitted and some were written by the users themselves. Since is not specified literotica site, the content that can be found here is pretty remarkable.

One of my favorite threads that I usually check out on forums are the Sexuality topics and threads. This is where the users feel free to ask all kinds of ridiculous questions related to sex and sexuality. Like when you see a thread that reads “Men. What was the first thing that you ever put in your butt?” one can only shake one’s head but once you see that the very first answer is “My sister’s tampon” you just have to burst out laughing.

The Personals probably hold the biggest value on the entire since this is where people can connect and find partners to hook up with. There are men who search for men, men looking for women and vice versa of course, but there are many couples who are looking for a person to join them in a threesome. I also saw a Thread that read “Forced” and it was about a man who was looking to “force” someone’s gf, sister, mom whatever into sex. I don’t know how this would work when they would have to give consent for “forced” sex. Oh how I adore these crazy ass forum threads, they always put a smile on my face. So damn cool.

Last and not least, Forum Games are threads that are here to pass the time and just have fun. They are Rhyme Time, where you rhyme the last word that was posted, True or False, At the lake, and then you write a sentence that ends with “at the lake” and so on. Of course, these games start off in a friendly manner, and then there has to be always that one idiot who has to “ask” for clarification and then that person kills the vibe, and the game gets to a screeching halt. That’s the nature of forum people.

In the end, is a very cool addition to since it is a Forum that has value that’s not just porn. I enjoyed browsing around the, and if I was a member of, I’m confident that I’d be hanging on this forum, no doubt. So my suggestion is, check out first and then head on to, you will find at least one thread that will inspire you to become a member and give your 2 cents.

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  • The forum threads are engaging
  • It is an active forum

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  • There should be more topics to discuss