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Updated on 22 March 2019
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A few words taken from their page: “BitPorno is a social adult video sharing site that lets you share your favorite adult videos. You can also explore and follow adult video collections from other users with BitPorno. BitPorno provides you with all the necessary features that you need in order to share your favorite videos. The key advantage is very simple: Because we do all the dirty work such as managing & encoding your video, you focus on bigger things in the meanwhile”. Well, I couldn’t have said it better, don’t you think? Not even me …

Since now you know everything about this place, I should speak about the layout and the content on the homepage. It looks good, simple and clean. You will see a section for featured videos and these clips will be arranged on different pages. You can browse them by using the menu that can be found before and after the section. You will have no previews on the thumbs and straight content will be mixed with gay additions.

Don’t forget to use the search box. You will need it, since this is the way to take advantage of all this porn. Enjoy it!

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